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What is Amateur Radio?

  As an Amateur Radio (ham) operator, you talk by two way radio with other hams.
  Anyone can be a ham - no matter what age, gender, or physical ability. People from all walks of life pass the entry level Amateur Radio exams. Your whole family can have fun together as Hams. Ham radio doesn't have to cost much. Your radio station can be held in your hand or take up a corner in your bedroom, or it can occupy an entire room.

  Hams make new friends across town and around the world. You can communicate from a mountain top, your home, in your car and on foot.

  In times of disaster, when phone and power lines are down, hams swing into action, sometimes saving lives, and find it very rewarding.
  As with most hobbies, you have a multitude of choices about how much time and money you spend.
  You can contact another continent using the simplest radio and antenna.

  Getting started is easy. All you need to do is spend some time with a beginner study guide. It contains all you need to know to pass the entry level license exams.
  The exams, given by volunteer hams in your area, cover the basic electricity and on-the-air radio rules.
  The Novice exam also includes a Morse code test, but the Technician exam does not!
  If you like to study with a group, your local Amateur Radio club may have classes or can tell you where in your area that classes are held.

  An excellent study guide is "Technician No-Code Plus" by Gordan West, and can be found at most Radio Shack stores for around $10.00.
  "Now You're Talking" is another excellent study guide availiable from ARRL, Newington, CT 06111.