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AT-600HP Dualband VHF 144-175Mhz / UHF 430-475mhz HT: $399.99

The ADI AT-600 is a full powered (5-watt) handheld that allows you to monitor both VHF and UHF at the same time! The radio is fully alphanumeric, and also features one of the cleanest wideband receivers available today.

You can receive police, fire, medical calls, all of the NOAA weather frequencies, and more.

Features: Transmit Range: 144-175, 430-475 MHz, Receive Range: 108-175 (including AM airband), 400-495, plus 830-985 MHz (cellular blocked), MARS and CAP capable (permits are required), simultaneous VHF/UHF receive, single band, or full duplex operation, crossband repeat, separate volume and squelch controls for each band, six-character alphanumeric display, 200 memories store any offset or tone, CTCSS encode and decode included, 10 DTMF autodialer memories for autopatch use, DTMF paging included, Auto Power Off and battery save, Large backlit keypad and display, Battery voltage meter function, Small! 4.25" (H) x 2" (W) x 1.5" (D) excluding battery pack

Accessories for the AT-600

Leather case: $22.00
12v. 600ma. nicad battery: $45.00
13.2v. 1000ma. NiMH battery: $70.00
Cig. ligter cable: $16.00
34 in.antenna: $30.00
17 in antenna: $25.00
Speaker mic: $30.00