Tips and Tricks

To make a "Reload Page" button:

Just click the image to grab it.

On mouseover takes image URL to transloader.

To make a text area box:

Other textarea attributes:
growable - creates a textarea that shows all text.
autoactivate - automatically "turns on" cursor.
nohighlight - removes yellow select box from textarea.
noselect - turns textarea into a read only box.
border=0 - gives no border.
nobackground - gives a transparent background

On mouse over status window change:

To view "Recents" cache:

Use JavaScript to preload images on the previous page...

Webtv has a javascript bug which will dissable javascript on your site. Here is how to warn visitors when that happens -> put it in the HEAD

You can use this tag to change the text that shows in the status bar when a link is highlighted. before it is clicked. Remember, the anchor can be either text or an image.

Here is how to make a button you can click to change background colors on a web page

Have you ever seen a clickable link with the arrow? Well here is how to do it

Have you ever seen those little boxes you click on and a check appers?   Here is how to do it

Here is how to make a sidebar ( webtv only code will not work with PC )

Link dance. Put this in the HEAD

An uploader for Webtv scrapbook:

If you want to play music or a wav on a link that doesn't have music just add this code to your page.
Now if you want different music on different links just add the code like it is here but change the name="one" to name="whatever" and also change the onClick=" to onClick="   

To have your page contents will scroll over the non scrolling background

the bgproperties=fixed is for Microsoft IE

Sound on-mouse-over link