Cut, Copy, And Paste
With Webtv

Here I will walk you through the functions.

Function Commands:

CMD-A Selects All Text
CMD-C Copies Selected Text
CMD-X Cut's Selected Text
CMD-V Pastes Text Previously Cut or Copied Text
CMD-G Moves The Cursor Forwards
      Through A Document
CMD-B Moves The Cursor Backwards
      Through A Document
Shift+Arrow Keys Selects Text to Be Coppied

  You are probably asking how you would use the copy and paste feature on a page where your cursor does not move freely.
This is how.....

  Press your "find" key and a pop up window will appear.
Enter the first word or two of the text you want to copy, and press the "Return" key.
The words above should be highlighted in a shadow box.

Not the right area?   Need to go down the page?

Now, while the above words is highlighted, press the "Cmd" key and hit "G"
("Cmd" key and "B" will move it back up)
Notice how the box dropped to the second words below.
That is how you will move the highlighted area until you reach the text you wish to copy.

  If you are trying to move your cursor to a specific area of the page, be specific using the "Find" function.
For instance, if you enter find in the option window, the cursor will lock on the bold text above.

Now you can hold down the "Shift" key and use the arrow down and/or arrow right keys to highlight the text you wish to copy.
Then hold down "Cmd" and hit "C". This puts the highlighted text in a buffer memory.

  Okay, now a few explanations.

  When you copy or cut something, it is placed in the buffer memory in your webtv box.
It will remain there until you perform the function again. (or switch users or power off)
Then what was there is gone, and what's new is there in it's place.

  Be careful that you don't copy something you intend to paste somewhere else, and cover over it before pasting it.

Cutting text

When you are editing, and you want to cut a part of the text out from where it is and move it to a different location, hold down "Cmd" and hit "X" to cut the text (it is then stored in the memory buffer), move the curser to where you want it and hit "Cmd" and "V" to paste it in.

The highlight option is also useful for deleting large areas of code or text.
Just highlight the area to be deleted, and press the "Delete" key.
Careful though, delete means delete. It's gone, and not stored in the memory of the unit.

Quoting Text

Now for the final explanation.
I'm sure you have seen quoted text in a post or email.
It would look something like this:

    This is an example of a "block quote". This text will be much smaller than the message text below. This would be the text that someone copied, then pasted, then used a quote command to make smaller, and center on the page. 

The non-quoted text would be here. It is a normal size and defaulted to the left edge like normal.
This would normally be a response to the quoted text above.

  This procedure is quite simple once you get the hang of it.
It will require some practice on your part using your email and sending yourself a few test emails.

Here are the steps to quoting text:

1. Copy some text and paste it into an outgoing email screen.
2. Put your cursor at the beginning of the line you wish to quote.
3. Place a > before the first letter of the line.
4. Hold down your cmd key and push the right arrow -> key.
Notice how the cursor jumps to the end of the line.
5. Now hit your return key. This is a must do step.

  You just quoted the line. Do this to each line you wish to quote.
Don't worry about the > symbols, if you have done everything correctly, the brackets will disappear when the message is sent.

  Now send yourself a test message and see how you did....:-)

1. Place The Cursor in the Light Blue Area.

2. Move the Cursor to Dark Blue Area

3. Hold the "Cmd" key down and hit the "V" key.

See how easy that was?!
This is Copy Cut and Paste.

The Dreaded "White-Spaces"

"White-spaces" are visible or invisible blank spots that can exist in your HTML scripting in web-site editors. They are different then normal spaces you purposely have or ones caused by using the return bar. They are serious in that they will cause blank spaces in your "URLs", etc.

Copy, Cut, and Paste will leave these in when you copy something from a different width source into your web-site editor.
When you have copied something into a page from another source, check every line of what you have copied for the dreaded "white-spaces", and delete them!


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