How do you find the URL of a graphic or sound?

You can use the Search Engines to find images and sounds.

If the image is a clickon, while viewing the image, hit "Go To", "Show current". That will bring up the URL to Copy & Paste.

While viewing a webpage, if the sound is a clickon to play, while it is playing hit "Go To" & "Show Last". This will bring up the URL to Copy and Paste.

Note: it is best to upload images to your Scrapbook when using them in your email.

How to use images from Webtv ScrapBook

See graphic on a webpage that you want the URL for?
You can    Validate    the webpage to get URLs or the code to see "How did they do that?"

Need to see the code of an email sig, or a post?
While viewing the page, hit "Send" (in the upper right of the keyboard).
Address it to yourself. Now bring the curser down
into the "subject" line and delete what is there.
Now move the curser down into the body area and hit "Return/Enter" twice.
Now hold down "Alt" and hit "K",
Now hold down "Cmd" and hit"A", "X".
Now move curser up to "subject" line and hit "Cmd" & "V".
Now scroll down and click on "Send".
If you followed these steps, when you read the mail, you will see all the code.
That is called "Bouncing".

Although this works 99% of the time some e-mail and or posts can not be bounced.!?!

Now that you know how to get URLs of images and midis, you should learn how to   "Transload"   them to your site so that you are not stealing bandwidth from others.

Also read   this  for more on linking & bandwidth bandits.