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You can place an image or text above the header.

These codes will not work in posts or when writing the e-mail. The image will appear there when the e-mail is sent/received.

If you want an image to appear above the header (address area) of an e-mail, then use the following codes (using one set of
"incorrectly" closed table tags after the opening HTML command, as shown below):

<html> </table></tr></td> <center> <img src="URL of image"><br> text (if any) </center> <body bgcolor="???" text="???" background="url of image"> Rest of sig codes here </body> </html> and the image will appear above the address area and the message/text of the e-mail.

This will put an image below header but above the email text. Put this after the closing

</body></html> </table></tr></td> <center><img src="Url of image"></center>

These will not show above header or text on your 'write' page, you will need to send a message to yourself to see it work.